Encompass Blue for Shopping Centres and Entertainment Complexes, Cinemas, Sports Complexes

Shopping centres, entertainment complexes, cinemas and sporting complexes have been concrete pillars in the sphere of livelihood and entertainment, offering an array of activities and experiences under one roof. However, the entertainment sector was one of the first and worst hit by COVID-19 and the restrictions it brought with it. Now that this sector is slowly recovering, it is imperative to minimise and prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Additionally, although this sector is opening doors to visitors, there are strict restrictions on the number of people allowed at any given time. This makes it important to aid in energy and cost savings, as the complexes have a substantially lower yield. It is integral to remember that customer satisfaction is key, and entertainment complexes need to optimise the indoor air environment to maximise returning visitors.


Blue IoT’s Encompass Blue delivers IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) monitoring and airflow & filter management amongst others to ensure a safe environment for shoppers, visitors, and tenants, allowing for an enjoyable experience.

Problem That We Are Facing

  1. Higher store vacancies with a lower yield due to COVID-19’s impact on the financial market
  2. Entire HVAC systems running despite substantially lower occupancy at any given time
  3. High energy usage and subsequent costs
  4. High rate of unplanned maintenance and inconvenience to tenants
  5. Data overload for Facilities Managers and Building Managers
  6. Staff and cleaning contractors leaving the entire HVAC system running
  7. Lack of data visibility and access
  8. Infrastructure disruption due to tedious system installations and maintenance
  9. High impact on carbon footprint
  10. No interoperability between building systems
  11. Not adapted for remote maintenance during COVID-19 restrictions
  12. Existing BMS unable to implement remote people counting per COVID-19 restrictions
  13. Inadequate airflow management with growing concerns during COVID-19
  14. Concerns regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus
  15. Complaints from storeowners, visitors, and shoppers about discomfort and poor environmental controls of the current HVAC system
  16. Difficulty controlling temperatures in individual stores or zones
  17. Difficulty for the property manager to analyse which sub-tenancies are drawing the highest proportion of the utility bills
  18. Difficulty in operating the HVAC system effectively, based on changing occupancies and outdoor temperature
  19. Managing indoor lighting levels based on changing natural lighting
  20. Difficulty in maintaining a comfortable temperature in different zones within hospitality zones like restaurant kitchens, storage, and dining area
  21. Difficulty achieving a high WELLS rating for the building

How Encompass Blue Can Help


Investment & ROI

  1. Typically a two to three-year payback including capital and ongoing subscriptions, with significant recurring savings.
  2. Increased space utilisation with substantial savings on rental/employee cost per sq ft far exceeding utility savings.
  3. Compelling business case for C-Suite with actionable insights.

Encompass Blue by Blue IoT is the world's first IoT smart cities platform suite, which delivers world-leading savings of 20 to 50% of total energy use, maintenance costs, and the subsequent carbon footprint.