Encompass Blue for Agriculture & Irrigation

The industry of agriculture and irrigation is tricky when striking a balance between outcomes and savings. The biggest challenge of agriculture and irrigation sites is the severe depletion of resources such as water and energy. Whether it be public parks, gardens, sporting arenas or private lands and infrastructures, automating the water and other supporting systems is very important for energy and water savings and to support the environment.


There may be timer-based water sprinklers on site, but they may run even during heavy rains and flooding. Also, different amounts of water may be needed in specific areas of the soil. Blue IoT’s Encompass Blue sensors can sense soil conditions and ensure that sprinklers provide just enough water during adverse conditions and calculated amounts to best suit each area. This provides substantial savings on energy and water bills.


Additionally, fault detection & diagnostics and predictive maintenance ensure a high quality of management of all water pumps, sensors, and valves, preventing breakdowns. Interoperability and cloud integration allows for smooth integration between the several remote pumping stations, warehouses, plants and other disparate systems. Encompass Blue can also aid in the automation of the cool rooms and facilities that store the produce on site.

Problem That We Are Facing

  1. Several remote pumping stations, warehouses, plants with no way to monitor and control disparate systems from one place
  2. High energy usage and subsequent costs
  3. High rate of unplanned maintenance negatively impacts the bottom line while causing delayed production
  4. Data overload for Facilities Managers and Building Managers
  5. Data visibility and access limited to some alarms and basic visuals at the PC in the plant room
  6. No remote access to valves and pumps
  7. High impact on carbon footprint
  8. Concerns regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus

How Encompass Blue Can Help


Investment & ROI

  1. Typically a two to three-year payback including capital and ongoing subscriptions, with significant recurring savings.
  2. Increased space utilisation with substantial savings on rental/employee cost per sq ft far exceeding utility savings.
  3. Compelling business case for C-Suite with actionable insights.

Encompass Blue by Blue IoT is the world's first IoT smart cities platform suite, which delivers world-leading savings of 20 to 50% of total energy use, maintenance costs, and the subsequent carbon footprint.