Buildings, Facilities & Digital Twins

Sub-Solution #1

Building Management System (BMS)

EB is a fully operational BMS with all necessary hardware and software for network management, system operation, control functions, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance. EB offers total control and monitoring of HVAC systems, FCUs/AHUs/FAHUs, mechanical ventilation systems, electrical services, hydraulic services, fire panels, elevators and more. If the facility has a brand new BMS already, EB can leverage that while adding additional sensors and controls.

Sub-Solution #2

Building Energy Management System (BEMS)

EB BEMS integrates advances in computational processing power, big data analytics and intelligent algorithms. All major circuits are measured for amperage and voltage data necessary for good energy management and predictive maintenance. This will enable you to scale in a flexible and open manner without proprietary system (vendor) lock-in. Like any complex interdependent system, buildings “drift” over time. That is, they invariably move away from the original optimised efficiency settings from when they were commissioned. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has found that building drift of 10 to 30% in the first two years of operation is common.

Sub-Solution #3

Demand Response Management

EB helps curb the peak demand to a certain block level as stipulated by the utility company’s rule. Where utilities pay for instant energy reductions, EB will deliver such reductions as and when called for.

Sub-Solution #4

Defects Liability Period (DLP) As A Service

Normal DLP acts just like a warranty, where if a piece of infrastructure breaks, it gets repaired. However, EB checks for consistency in energy performance promised by the respective vendors. For example, should an HVAC system use 30% more energy than was specified for a given load, EB will alert the client to have the vendor remedy this inconsistency/excess energy usage.

DLP helps monitor energy efficiency and alerts the vendor in case of a load being outside the given range. This ensures minimal energy waste and scope for malfunction.

Sub-Solution #5

Digital Triplets

EB takes in a standard digital twin and transforms it into a digital triplet – a living, breathing version of the digital twin. EB utilises and displays existing data and systems through the twin and then consistently optimises using various intelligent subsystems to continuously deliver to the triple bottom line in terms of energy optimization, health & wellness, and ongoing predictive maintenance. EB makes this digital triplet a system for tracking assets, sensors, and devices. With the addition of virtual reality and augmented reality, it provides several human engagement scenarios.

Encompass Blue by Blue IoT is the world's first IoT smart cities platform suite, which delivers world-leading savings of 20 to 50% of total energy use, maintenance costs, and the subsequent carbon footprint.