Blue IoT & Zen Ecosystems form a strategic alliance

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Thursday 24th October, 2019 – Blue IoT and Zen Ecosystems have come to a strategic partnership through the signing of a distribution agreement by Blue IoT for the distribution and sale of Zen Ecosystem’s product range for HVAC control for residential apartments and small commercial.

Bob Sharon, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer said “This complements our Encompass Blue vBMS platform beautifully and added an additional string to further enhance our smart building and city solution sets.” Sharon added that he intends to bring this into Asia, particularly on the back of his recent successful mission to a highly industrious and thriving Malaysia who are looking to lead in smart buildings and cities.

“Zen Air is part of our mission to use smart technology for a more connected commercial and residential experience in regions that don’t typically use smart thermostats,” said Grant Hatamosa, General Manager of Zen Ecosystems Australia. “A simple update to existing air conditioning equipment adds a new level of intelligence and a deeper level of comfort at your home or your business. More meaningful devices help us improve our everyday lives and reduce unnecessary energy waste in a simple way.”

Blue IoT intends to also collaborate with Zen Ecosystems for their soon to open US operation, Blue IoT LLC. “Sharon added that the benefits of these new technologies should be shared and open rather than the old proprietary closed systems. And in keeping with this policy, we also want to ensure that we all have a good laugh and some fun along the way.

Recipient of the Australian IoT Pioneer Award 2019, Blue IoT is a Green-Tech company that integrates smart and intelligent buildings, cities, factories and spaces with a focus on both infrastructure and people. By leveraging disruptive technologies, major improvements and positive changes never thought possible can now be achieved for the betterment of society. For media enquiries, contact Bob Sharon on 0407-245-335 /

Zen Ecosystems provides intelligent energy management solutions to businesses and consumers. Zen HQ is an energy management system designed for the unique needs of businesses and utilities to provide insights and control over multisite commercial energy usage while delivering the fastest payback in the market. The Zen Thermostat is a beautiful, simple connected device for home and business that also enables multi-system operators to enhance the customer experience. Fast Company has recognised Zen Ecosystems as one of its “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Energy” for 2018. Learn more at

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