Two halls of Fujitsu’s Noble Park data centre were the first in Australia to have been awarded an official NABERS rating in 2013. This rating was carried out after a six-month audit conducted by Bob Sharon and approved of by the NSW government.

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) is an Australian rating system that measures energy efficiency, water usage, waste management and indoor air quality within the built environment. This rating system, launched in 1998, assesses building infrastructure, hotels, shopping centres and since 2013, data centres.

Bob Sharon conducted the first NABERS audit for a data centre – Fujitsu – in 2013, making him the only fully accredited NABERS assessor for Data centres in Australia at the time. Bob was fully equipped when tackling the unique challenges presented by the plant that supplied power and cooling to 2,000+ sq. m of racks at building one of Noble Park (Halls 1 & 2). The rating was based on 12 months of energy consumption acquired by third-party verifiable data. “The first official NABERS audit resulted in a lot of lessons for all parties involved”, says Bob.

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