Our Culture & Values

Our Mission

By leveraging IoT, Cloud, Big Data Analytics, domain expert data interpretation, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, blockchain and cyber security, our integration, innovation and ongoing management and services are the glue that ensures results are achieved to both the budget bottom line and carbon & pollution impacts to our environment.

Our Vision

Blue IoT aims to be the Global Leader for the collaboration, integration and delivery of Smart Buildings and Cities that are sustainable, safer and friendlier, while supporting our fragile environment.

Our Values

We support innovation in intelligent and sustainable cities and places that would have a positive material impact on all stakeholders including our planet.

We hire people of all ethnicities and backgrounds on the basis of capability, aptitude, attitude and humour.

We believe in humour as a natural God given medicine. Thus, Blue IoT promotes a working environment of good humour and fun

We like to support organisations and people who help people succeed in worthwhile endeavours that would impact positively on the lives of people around the world

We will support organisations who are making a difference in the alleviation of child slavery and child brides and well as taking children out of child sex rings and rehabilitating them.

We support entrepreneurs and business people who have genuinely got into trouble and need business and family support as no such organisations currently exist.

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