What sets Blue IoT apart...

We are passionate and care about client outcomes

Blue IoT uses data from multitude of platforms and sources to identify unseen information in order to recommend accurate action. Hence, improving lifecycle of the asset, savings on energy and maintenance.

Blue IoT services may offer zero upfront cost and all OpEx as a service whether monitoring, data analysis and interpretation or virtual building management platform services (subject to approval).

Blue IoT is vendor independent and do not represent vendors. Thus, remains completely impartial resulting in optimal outcomes for all stakeholders.

Blue IoT utilises a trusted supply chain of contractors and vendors who believe in quality and client outcomes. This reduces risks and improve efficiencies across the board achieving excellent asset lifecycle value and ROI.

Blue IoT is the first company in Australia to offer DLPaaS (Defects Liability Period as a service), keeping the vendors honest as Blue IoT looks at the actual performance level rather than just a break/fix service.

Blue IoT stands for – our clients, our environment, our planet and society. This is demonstrated by our support to various organizations that are nonprofit in the environmental and social space.

When Blue IoT conducted the world’s first (NABERS) energy rating on a data centre in 2013, we were able to achieve 4-star rating, making this the greenest/most energy efficient in Australia at the time. Thus, Blue IoT’s credibility in measurement is truly Eminent.

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