Innovation @ Blue IoT

Asia Pacific’s First – Class C LoRaWAN Network

In August 2018, Blue IoT launched their Private LPWAN (LoRaWAN) which was the first “Class C” duplex implementation of LoRaWAN within the Asia Pacific region. This facilitated the monitoring and remote control of devices and systems within buildings, facilities, spaces, cities and agriculture.

As Blue IoT provides Class C LoRaWAN networks as part of their end to end solution, this makes up the Blue IoT Encompass Blue Management platform.

World’s first IoT Virtual Intelligent Building Management Platform

Blue IoT has invented the world’s first cloud-based virtual Building Management/Automation Platform enabling management and control of buildings, industries, cities and environments. This system is known as “Encompass Blue” or EB. EB resides in Cloud Blu, which is Blue IoT’s cloud. The EB platform supersedes the need for traditional proprietary BMS/BAS/SCADA and monitoring systems. Which by comparison are expensive and cumbersome. No more obsolete cabling and expensive, drawn out installations. Utilising securely encrypted dedicated wireless connectivity, a blanket of inexpensive sensor & control devices can be rolled out cost effectively and intrusive building redesign or retrofit. The EB platform can capture and aggregate data from multiple sources including legacy BMS/SCADA systems and other APIs. The EB platform utilises multiple communications protocols, leveraging existing technologies or better-suited protocols to deliver the best possible tailored solution.

EB is built on a globally supported data analytics platform delivering all the traditional BMS functions plus a host of new features that support predictive maintenance, safety, OHS, comfort and productivity. It can simultaneously correlate, analyse and machine learn mountains of data every second in order to further optimize buildings and environments in real time.

The outcome of this IoT building and environment management platform is superior human comfort, safety and productivity, while significantly reducing upfront energy and maintenance costs. Furthermore, adopting the EB platform which comes with domain expert data interpretation and tailored recommendations and turnkey solutions required to deliver results to the budget, human and carbon footprint bottom line.

Cyber security is a front and centre issue for smart buildings and cities. The development of EB has been designed with this in mind and incorporates a high level of security from the edge devices all the way through to the end point data centre utilising end to end encryption and other technologies throughout the ecosystem.

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