Smart CitiesOnce a future concept, now a reality.

To accommodate new demand on cities, municipalities around the globe are now relying on the Internet of Things innovation to enhance their services, reduce cost, and improve communication.

What can IoT measure to enable a Smart City?

Temperature / Humidity




Water Hardness


Water Particulates

Pressure Differentials (Coils, Filters)


Velocity / Motion

PH levels





Power Factor


Dust Particulates PM2.5, PM10


Soil Moisture


Water Flow / Pressure

Gas Flow / Pressure


Power Condition



Low Voltage

High Voltage

Water Temperatures


LUX – Light Levels

IoT + Energy Efficiency

Blue IoT’s Encompass Blue leverages legacy BMS systems and new IoT devices to interact with heating, cooling, lighting, and fire safety systems. This virtual management platform tracks high usage and energy drifts, alerting stakeholders for decision making.

IoT makes it easier for buildings with legacy infrastructure to save energy and improve their sustainability.

A commercial building can waste up to 30% of their energy. Smart buildings use IoT based energy management systems to recover this wasted energy.

IoT + Water Treatment

IoT sensors installed in water treatment facilities monitor water quality, temperature changes, pressure changes, water leaks and chemical leaks.

Data acquired from these sensors will be analysed by technicians, engineers from Blue IoT or other facility managers. This enables identification of issues faster, thus resolving problems in a more timely manner.

IoT + Indoor Environment Quality

Poor indoor air quality, sound & light levels have a direct impact on health and well-being. Poor indoor air quality causes loss of concentration, nausea, headache and nasal irritation while light levels below the Australian standards can cause depression or negative feelings and unproductiveness. Too much noise can also cause related problems.

Using IoT sensors, we can measure temperature, humidity, sound, carbon dioxide (CO2), (CO), Dust Particulates and LUX light levels. These factors directly influence the level of indoor pollution, and the impact on employees, inhabitants, and visitors.

The difference with Blue IoT's Encompass Blue


Pinpoint root causes quicker

  • No more sending crews out to investigate a service quality issue
  • Using Blue IoT’s cloud platform (EB) to remotely detect the origin of the problem
  • Save repair crew time and restore service quality faster

Avoid expensive replacement

  • Asset failure can lead to equipment damage and thousands of dollars in repair
  • Use EB to detect problems before they occur
  • Extend the life of assets with preventative and predictive maintenance

Maintain safety for customers and employees

  • Protect crews and customers
  • Dispatch repair / replacement technicians automatically when faults are found
  • Post-repair analysis ensures energy patterns back to normal
  • Schedule proactive maintenance

Real Time Visualisation

  • Manage and minimize outages
  • Efficient distribution of service in response to service interruptions
  • Customer notification of service interruption
  • Validate customer data against platform data to avoid regulatory fines


Encompass Blue will help you:

  Improve business decisions for utilities

  Improve service quality for all stakeholders

  Streamline processes

  Reduce maintenance costs

⇒  Reduce Energy & Peak demand costs

⇒  Reduce Insurance costs

⇒  Reduce OHS & Safety risks

⇒  Improve Health & Wellness

⇒  Reduced risks of outages and major failures

⇒  Improve Productivity

⇒  Customize to visualise the information you want

Unlock the full potential of all your operational data. Fast.

The Blue IoT platform Cloud Blu can consolidate, organise and analyse millions of Smart Meter data points with unique algorithms, so you have instant access to the insights that build a better business.


  • Always aware of past and present conditions 
  • Analyses data in motion while making instant and informed decisions 

Instant value from data in motion.

  • Brings order to the chaos by matching billions to millions of data points daily
  • Instant aggregation and analysis of your data with algorithms and graphical interfaces