Mission Critical Facilities

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As an experienced trusted advisor to a number of known institutions, Blue IoT offers a holistic approach to map the capacity, resilience, reliability and energy efficiency of the existing mission critical & data centre infrastructure, to meet your current and future objectives. Our range of services for mission critical & data centre environments include:

Data Centres
Computer / Server
/ Communication rooms
Clean rooms

We are an innovative Australian boutique sustainability analytics and solutions services firm focused on healthy & green buildings and data centers.

  • World first to deliver a data centre NABERS (National Built Environment Rating System) rating in Australia (2013)
  • World first to deliver certification for the first 4.5 star NABERS rated data centre in Australia (Feb 2016), the most energy efficient data centre in Australia at the time.

Auditing Services

  • NABERS assessments
  • Low cost Basic Energy & Infrastructure assessments
  • In-Depth Energy & Infrastructure assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Uptime Assessments
  • Peer Reviews
  • People & Process Audits
  • Energy/Environmental Compliance Audits
  • Carbon Footprint Audits
server room

Monitoring & Analytics Services

  • Basic Power – peak/off peak monitoring
  • Cloud hosted real time infrastructure, Environmental and energy monitoring + analytics as a service
  • Site hosted real time infrastructure, Environmental and energy monitroing + analytics as a service

Commissioning, Design, Project & Program Management Services

  • Design & Construct -$100K to $5M
  • High level Electrical, mechanical, hydraulics, controls, fire
  • Design and tender documentation
  • Complete tender & Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Procurement and supply chainDLP as a Service (DLPaaS) :
  • Standard DLP (Defects Liability Period) only ensures that what breaks gets fixed. We will use our data analytics platform to ensure everything is working to design spec. So even if the equipment is working below spec, we will spot it and make sure that get’s addressed. In most cases, this means much greater performance and reduced energy and operating costs.
  • Commissioning Audit and supervision services

Documentation Services

  • Uptime documentation and support services (ATD in-house)
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Tenders & Supply Chain
  • Process and workflow
  • Business case development

Other Services

  • Renewable power and energy storage
  • Troubleshooting – what went wrong, who dunit, how to fix, how to reduce risk – available across the globe (most countries)

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